3 Businesses You Should Make Sure Have Vehicle Transit Insurance

Australia is a huge country and has an equally huge network of highways that connect long distances. It’s a common sight of vehicles being transported on these highways for a variety of reasons.

Although it’s very common to send cars and other vehicles to a new location, things can unpredictably go wrong, the consequence of which may be sometimes very expensive or even as horrible as injury.

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This makes it extremely important to ensure that the vehicle is protected by fully comprehensive insurance during such journeys.

Do you know that a special motor trade package is present for ‘cars in transit’?

Here are examples of the types of businesses which can benefit from knowing the policies provided under the ‘vehicles in transit comprehensive policy’ and you should make sure they have it while working with them.

1. Car Shipping Services

Several different sorts of car shipping services are present, ranging from small enclosed movers for individual vehicles to enormous tractor-trailers which can carry up to a dozen vehicles at a time.

Although there is every possibility of accident as it is with any other vehicle on the road, here there is an additional concern regarding the level of damage. 

No matter how careful the driver is, s/he cannot control others’ mistakes. All in all, accidents may happen how careful you are about securing your vehicle.

And in that case, it could give you so much relief that you bought comprehensive auto transit insurance, if any mishap takes place.

2. Interstate Movers

In the present economic conditions, people usually choose the option of relocating thousands of miles away from their home town across the country.

There are businesses that can help you in the removal process by shipping your car as well as your belongings. 

Other than the possible road accidents, your car can also be ruined by dust, flying debris and even intense weather elements like rain on a prolonged journey. 

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The comprehensive vehicle transit insurance provides coverage to all eventualities.

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3. Tow and Tilt Truck

Cars are also transported by car repair services and breakdown rescuers and they need to be covered for any damage or loss to the car being carried or towed. 

Several car transport companies try to lessen insurance premiums by taking the risk by themselves, assuming that there is only a slight chance of mishap. 

According to statistics, up to 80% Australian companies are underinsured except businesses like professional car shipping Perth to Sydney with Dazmac Logistics

The penalties of this can be terrible as this is a country where a lot of natural disasters happen and there are some extremely tough cross country routes. 

Hence it’s too common for people to lose their homes and businesses and have no adequate insurance to enable them to restart. 

Therefore for a business like vehicle transport, it’s of immense importance to have sufficient insurance to cover any damage to the vehicles.

Considering the possibilities of horrible consequences of road accidents with the vehicles being transported, everyone in the vehicle transit business should buy comprehensive insurance. 

And if you’re going to transport your car to another state, you should make sure your transporter has such insurance. This will free you from any worries.

Lisa Thompson: Lisa is a mechanic with over 20 years of experience. Her blog is filled with practical maintenance tips, DIY tutorials, and advice on keeping your vehicle in top condition.