Make the Grand Entry to Your Wedding Venue in Rolls Royce Ghost from Aces Cars Hire

Once you say yes to the marriage proposal, time flies to the wedding day! You may want a fairy tale wedding, a garden wedding, or even a proper church wedding. While you want everything to be perfect, you might also want to make a grand and stylish entry to the wedding. If you are in the UK, you may have a look at the Rolls Royce hire Manchesterbased. The company of Aces Cars Hire primarily rents out Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls Royce Ghost along with the 1971 Vintage cars for your weddings. 

How Rolls Royce Entry Makes the Big Impact?

Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the luxury vehicles to be in the market and to win hearts globally. A top choice of the car by the celebrities and royalty around the world, the Rolls Royce is undoubtedly the next best thing to a chariot!  

The firm understands that the wedding is the day when all the focus is on the bride and groom. Hence, we offer the bride and groom the ride to the venue and the return to the home after the wedding. Our chauffeurs are trained and attentive to make the journey safe and dreamy! Just take the ride in these convertibles like a celebrity. 

How Aces Cars Hire Make the Difference to Your Wedding

When you are heading to the wedding, you might be all anxious about the ceremony to be a grand success. This is when the ride from the home to the venue needs to be as smooth as possible. 

The Rolls Royce hire Manchester-based vehicles would smell good along with being spotless for the bride and the groom to reach the venue well. Reach the venue well in time since the drivers will be extra cautious and well aware of the route to take before time. It is essential on any day more so during the weekends or busy rush hours. The Rolls Royce Ghost has a soft-top option and a convertible option to suit the summer wedding requirements. The dyed and customized hand-stitched upholstery matches the car and the opulence of the wedding well. 

Little things make a big difference, and hence, going for a Rolls Royce hire services from Aces Cars Hire is similarly essential for your wedding. For more details on cars and prices, please visit

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