Rc and Nitro Powered – Saturday Nite in the Races 1/10 Style

What’s all of the buzz about 1/10 scale nitro powered, rc vehicles? Well, allow me to inquire- Are you currently a dust track auto racing fan? Would you love the odor of alcohol fuel and burning rubber? How about the view of mega horsepower propelling a race vehicle, rear tires tossing rooster tails of clay, sideways via a banked turn as the driver counter steers and down the throttle to help keep the vehicle around the track and in front of the other competitors? And also the sounds! Engines roaring, tires squealing, fans cheering!

Wow! I really like Saturday night racing in the small dirt circle tracks which are plentiful in many areas. Exactly what does this relate to nitro (gas) powered RC trucks and cars? Everything! These rc 1/10 scale model trucks and cars really are a riot to function and supply an very wealthy and satisfying hobby experience. They are lots of fun to simply romp round the backyard or front yard, however if you simply actually want to have that ‘Saturday night in the races’ feeling, develop a 1/10 scale dirt oblong track and modify your RC trucks and cars for optimum performance and fun.

It’s really fairly simple and affordable to do the majority of the mods that can make your remote control vehicle appropriate for this kind of racing. If you’re like the majority of hobbyists, you expect to every improvement having a passion. Here’s what our select few of RC truck racers did to create our hobby more fun.

We built a clay surfaced, oblong formed track calculating roughly 100 ft lengthy and 30 ft wide. These dimensions equal roughly 1/tenth of the real ½ mile track. The racing surface is all about 8 ft wide around the straightaways and 10 ft wide within the turns. We banked the turns about 20 levels to simulate certainly one of my personal favorite tracks. The infield is grass.

All six from the guys within our little club began having a popular make of RTR (prepared to run) nitro powered 2 wheel drive stadium trucks. These were fun away from the box, however, many modifications built them into incredibly competitive plus much more fun to function. The factory provided tires were the very first products we wanted to upgrade. There’s a couple of suppliers of aftermarket tires to select from. We’re presently using street tires meant for asphalt or concrete, however they work great on the hard clay surface without eating up too badly. Suspension mods involved aluminum bodied shocks to exchange the initial plastic ones. We installed o-rings around the shock shafts to limit travel minimizing the ride height. Recommendations that springs having a softer rate work nicely.

Lisa Thompson: Lisa is a mechanic with over 20 years of experience. Her blog is filled with practical maintenance tips, DIY tutorials, and advice on keeping your vehicle in top condition.