RollBak Truck Tonneau Cover Review

The Rollbak truck tonneau cover has a lot of features I possibly could most likely sit here and kind all day long lengthy about this. I’ll attempt to resist myself making this short and sweet. The Rollbak cargo area cover is created by Bak Industries and it is one tough truck tonneau cover.

It’s a retracting truck tonneau cover which retracts right into a canister behind the18 wheeler cab. The canister consists of a rugged ABS that is very durable with its rounded design is built to expel water. The typical canister is all about 8.5 inches across and a few are smaller sized which gives you an additional space underneath the canister right in front from the cargo area.

Along side it rails are lined rich in density polyethylene that is better still than Teflon as Teflon freezes. You never need to grease this, and it’ll work nicely in all kinds of weather. Hot, cold, dry or wet, this cover is perfect for all weather.

The slats from the rollback retracting truck tonneau cover are constructed with powder coated industrial strength aluminum sufficiently strong to resist over 400 pounds. The slats are made to funnel water aside tracks after which towards the ABS canister after which out the foot of the18 wheeler through hoses. How a slats are made, even when water does cope with the top of slats, it’s still channeled aside tracks.

The machine is made to stop every twelve inches while you close it so that you can close it virtually anywhere you would like. The Rollbak cargo area cover locks instantly when closed completely. There’s no visible latch or locking system because it latches beneath the truck tonneau cover. You need to open the tailgate to gain access to the latch for that cargo area cover. Then should you use a locking tailgate latch your truck tonneau cover is an extremely secure storage space. You are able to lift or lower the tailgate without moving the truck tonneau cover and also the stake holes to the side of your cargo area remain uncovered which is ideal for any kind of rack you utilize or tie downs.

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