2021 Jeep Cherokee: Is it An Off-Road Expert?

With the 2021 model year release of its flagship model Cherokee, Jeep has clearly prioritized its intention of making it entirely focused on its off-road capability above everything else. For this Jeep has got its boxy shape rebuilt and repainted in Forest Service green. Hence when you get to see and ride the newest Cherokee, you can feel how sincerely Jeep must have put in all its efforts to make it an off-road expert SUV that stands with its newly designed mall-ready clothes on as a crossover, explained the Niles Jeep dealership.

What Appears to be Different

For this year 2021, Jeep has already added up all the relevant active safety features that counts automatic emergency braking to prevent this off roading master from falling prey into a frontal collision. The active lane control feature as a standard equipment to all 2021 Jeep Cherokees save the vehicle from unintentional and untimely diversion from its original lane. In this what could surprise you is the limited availability of the most popular engine that can now be found only under the hoods of the Limited trim.

All this was surely a commendable move from the automaker, which was the pioneer of the concept of SUVs, so much so that SUVs were nicknamed as jeeps. But even then, this leader has no freedom from being a part of the current market competition wherein the later joiners like Toyota and Honda are nearing the Jeep products like Cherokee with their own.

2021 Trim Levels

The year 2021 brought the Jeep Cherokee in trim shades of Latitude, Latitude Plus, Latitude Lux, Limited, and Trailhawk. In most of these trim models you might find some strong similarity in styling with the Grand Cherokee.

Power Potentials

The 2021 model year edition of Jeep Cherokee lines up a handful of powerful powertrains that have tremendous potential to handle the serious off-road surfaces. At the base lies a 2.4-liter inline-4 engine which with mere 180 horsepower is able to motivate itself enough to carry a load up to two tons while returning a mileage of 25 mpg from a combined trip. Take a step ahead and you can see the 271-hp making 3.2-liter V-6 engine which shows its keenness to rev. the list does not end there. Jeep also has in the lineup offer the option to power your 2021 Cherokee model with a 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine that makes 270-hp with the capacity to return the same fuel economy rate as mentioned above.

Cabin Utility

Jeep offers its 2021 Cherokee users a comfortable interior that is consisted of highly supportive seats wrapped in durable materials. Space is never a constraint in a Cherokee, so even the rear seat passengers get enough head, leg, and shoulder room. Cargo space in the 2021 Jeep Cherokee is 24.1 cubic feet with all the seats occupied. If you opt for the Latitude trim, you are entitled to get a 7.0-inch touchscreen display that works for infotainment system, that offers you smartphone functionalities through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software. Other features count cloth upholstery, 17-inch wheels, and many more, confirmed the Jeep dealership serving Niles.

Lisa Thompson: Lisa is a mechanic with over 20 years of experience. Her blog is filled with practical maintenance tips, DIY tutorials, and advice on keeping your vehicle in top condition.