Septic System Maintenance – 9 Easy Ideas to Avoid Septic System Problems and Cut Costs

Replacing the septic drain field is definitely the greatest cost of septic system maintenance it may run from $3,000 to $10,000 .

So, the entire reason for septic system maintenance would be to avoid drain field failure. The septic tank’s purpose would be to trap solids and oils, and also the drain field’s purpose would be to absorb waste water. If solids or oil avoid the tank and flow in to the field, it’ll clog, fail, and overflow to the yard.

Here are some positive ideas to keep your drain field in good condition, cut costs, and steer clear of septic system problems:

1) Avoid using bleach within the washer or any other harsh chemicals that finish in the septic system: The septic system depends on bacteria to interrupt lower waste. These harsh chemicals get rid of the bacteria causing solid waste to amass and flow in to the drain field pipes.

2) Regulate washer lint: Lint in the washer is yet another solid that may clog the pipes. An excellent, easy strategy to save cash around the septic system is to buy a lint filter. They are readily available for $20.

3) Stay away from garbage disposer: If an excessive amount of meals are put lower the rubbish disposal, the bacteria can’t eat it quick enough. For those who have a septic, gradually alter make use of the rubbish bin rather from the waste disposer whenever possible.

4) Don’t flush sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, etc: Each one of these products finish in the septic system and may rapidly make it clog.

5) Avoid flowing grease and oil lower the sink: It appears natural to pour grease and used oil lower the sink, but it may cause the drain field to fail. You need to allow it to awesome, pour it right into a container, and set it within the trash. This little habit can help to save lots of money and headaches.

6) Avoid draininghot tub too rapidly: When the drain field soil attempts to absorb sinking, it’ll overflow. Then, you will not have the ability to flush the toilets. Try draining the spa over a couple of stages, and have everybody wait a few hrs before bathing.

7) Regulate water use in a large party: Many visitors within our home flushing toilets continuously causes exactly the same problem as draining the spa. You could attempt decreasing the fill line at the back of your toilets throughout the party.

8) Don’t pave or install pool over drain field: The leach field needs oxygen to operate property. Make sure to look into the septic system location before paving or investing in a swimming pool.

9) Avoid driving cars or machinery over drain field: The drain field includes a number of small, plastic pipes to distribute the waste water. These pipes may be easily crushed. Once more, understanding the system location is a huge help.

Lisa Thompson: Lisa is a mechanic with over 20 years of experience. Her blog is filled with practical maintenance tips, DIY tutorials, and advice on keeping your vehicle in top condition.