Go keyless with your Toyota to omit the use of mechanical car key every time

One of the most common problems of mechanical key system is that it gets ruined too quickly with the time whether it is a Toyota car or any other brand. The key gets twisted or grated or the movement of the lock gets disturbed. This is why remote key system or the smart entry system is getting more popular these days. For Toyota car, you can check for details. Keyless entry system is a type of lock that is based on electronic remote control which works as the key for the car. The key either gets activated by a handheld device or by the proximity. 

Parts of keyless system

In all the latest luxury cars of Toyota this system is already present but if you have an old car then you can get this system installed from a Toyota store at affordable prices. This system comprises of two parts one is remote keyless entry system and the other one is remote keyless ignition system. RKE system is for locking and unlocking the doors while RKI system is used for starting the engine. It is built into the ignition key only. Pressing one button will unlock the doors and pressing the other button will unlock the car. Then to start there is a separate button given at the side or somewhere at the dashboard of the lock for ignition when you press it the engine will start.  

How it works?

It works with the help of a radio transmitter, a short range one generally between 5 to 20 meters. The signals are exchanged on radio waves. The frequency of these waves ranges between 316 MHz to 434 MHz. The locking and unlocking will be indicated by a distinctive alarm sound or by discreet combination of flashing of turn lights or headlights and tail lights. 

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